Feed Africa Advocacy Network  is a not-for-profit organization working to achieve food security in Africa and harness Africa’s Agricultural potentials for job and wealth creation for its huge and rising youth population.

We envision an Africa that is sufficient in food production and rich in processed agricultural produce export.

As Africa’s population currently put about 1.2 billion is projected to double to about 2.4 billion in 2050, there will be a huge demand to feed Africa’s growing population but also a higher need to provide Jobs for Africa’s high and growing youth population currently struggling to find jobs. These require sustained growth in food production and also the development of Africa’s Agro Processing Industry which has a huge potential for Job and wealth creation.

Therefore, at Feed Africa Advocacy Network, our focus is on implementing strategic programmes and projects that would see an improvement a from the current dependence on smallholder and subsistence farming practices in Africa to more mechanized and commercial agriculture that could meet the food demands of Africa’s growing population. Also, we are championing and promoting an increased focus on the development of the processing industry for Job creation.

To achieve the above, there is a need for sustained increased investments annually into Africa’s Agribusiness sector. Therefore, at the core of our programmes and projects is advocacy for more funding and investments into Africa’s Agricultural sector by African Governments and more private sector investments from African based, Foreign and African Diaspora investors into mechanized agriculture and Food Processing in Africa, while improving smallholder farmers’ livelihood and practices.