Policy Advocacy


At the core of our programmes at Feed Africa Advocacy Network is Policy Advocacy.

Through our advocacy programmes and projects, we intend to draw the attention of critical stakeholders; African Governments, Development partners, Non-Profits, Civil Society Groups, The Media, Private Investors and Youths to the key issues affecting and militating against the development of Agriculture and attainment of food security in Africa.

Our advocacy campaigns and messages centres around key issues which include but not limited to;

  • The Need For African Governments To Dedicate More Funds To Agricultural Development
  • A new approach in the fight against food insecurity in Africa with a focus on mechanization and processing.
  • Need for development partners to adopt a bottom-up approach in the financing of agricultural projects in Africa
  • Need for more funding and investments into Africa’s Agribusiness sector
  • Greater accountability of the investments in the agricultural sector in Africa.

The objective of our advocacy campaigns is to draw the attention of stakeholders to these critical issues and also influence them to take positive actions to address them.