Investment Promotion

Agribusiness Africa Investment Promotion

The World Bank recently estimated that a minimum US$ 45 billion is needed on an annual basis to develop Agriculture in sub-Sahara Africa.

However, out of this needed amount, only about US$ 9 billion, an estimated 20% of what is needed in investments is currently invested in Africa’s agricultural sector.

At Feed Africa Advocacy, we therefore have placed investment promotions and advocacy for greater investments into Africa’s agricultural sector at the core of our programmes.

Through our Agribusiness Africa Investment Promotion programmes, we intend to attract more investments into Africa’s critical agricultural value chains by showcasing the investment opportunities that abound in Africa’s agricultural sector.

Beyond, Foreign Direct Investment drives into Africa’s Agricultural sector, our focus is to attract investments from the African Diaspora whose investments and annual remittances have the potential to scale up the much needed investments into Africa’s Agribusiness sector.

With the African Diaspora remittances annually averaging US$70 billion, a double of the benchmark US$45 billion estimated by the world bank to scale up needed investments in Africa’s agricultural sector, the African Diaspora undoubtedly can be considered as the most important investors needed to develop Africa’s Agribusiness sector.