Agricultural Extension

Agric Extension For Smallholder Farmers

At Feed Africa Advocacy, we are advocating for stakeholders focus on farmers education and extension services if Africa’s smallholder farmers would ever improve their yield and productivity.

The UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization recommends there should be one extension worker for every 400 farmers. In the rich world, the ratio is roughly one to 200, but in Africa, it’s closer to one to 3,000. It is also reported to be as high as one to 6000 in some sub-Sahara Africa countries

Continued emphasis over the years on simply financing smallholder farmers and making available inputs without a combination of adequate extension services has seen the productivity of Smallholder Farmers in Africa remain at an abysmal low when compared to other regions.

Therefore, we seek stakeholders focus and action on increasing Africa smallholder farmers’ access to extension services and timely information to improve productivity and also ensure produce of high-quality & standard.

Together we can increase and improve smallholder farmer’s access to timely information they need through access to agricultural extension workers.