Investments Tracking

Agricultural Investments Tracking

Over the years, there has been a sustained investment into Africa’s agricultural sector with a target of achieving food security and also harnessing Africa’s agricultural potentials to provide jobs for its rising youth population and create wealth for the African people.

These investments have largely originated from; African Governments, Development Partners, Charity Organizations, Impact Investors, NGOs, Development

However, it is obvious from the present state of Africa’s agricultural sector that the investments in agriculture made in the region over the years have not recorded much needed impact and result.

This reduced impact is obvious as Africa has remained a continent  marked by food insecurity , a high level of malnutrition and hunger, poor farmers, poor yield of smallholder farmers, lack of interest in youths to participate in Agriculture, very low mechanization, neglected and underdeveloped agro-processing industry to mention but a few.

Feed Africa Advocacy, therefore is advocating for an increased third party tracking, monitoring and evaluation of these funds and investments to ensure that they are properly channelled to intended projects and programmes and most importantly that the projects and programmes executed are in priority sectors and value chain that would create the required impact in boasting productivity and creating jobs.