Farmers Training & Extension Services

Farmers Training & Extension Services

At Feed Africa Advocacy, we are working to ensure that farmers have access to timely information and agricultural extension services that would help them achieve more productivity in yield and also improved quality & standards of produce.

The UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization recommends there should be one extension worker for every 400 farmers. In the rich world, the ratio is roughly one to 200, but in Africa, it’s closer to one to 3,000. It is also reported to be as high as one to 6000 in some sub-Sahara Africa countries

Our flagship programme; Farmers Townhall currently being funded and implemented in Nigeria has provided training and agricultural extension services to over 10,000 farmers.

The Farmers Townhall also provides a platform for farmers to learn about new innovations, products and services that will help them achieve more yield, reduce post-harvest loses, achieve improved quality & standard for produce and most importantly provide them access to the markets.

The programme is in the process of being scaled up and expanded to Ethiopia and Cote d’ Ivoire.